What the World Cup Looks Like Off the Field

Fans carried a Mexican flag before the country’s game against Saudi Arabia in Lusail on Wednesday. Mexico won, 2-1, but the result wasn’t enough for it to advance to the knockout rounds from Group C.

Fan zones in Doha entertained fans with music and by showing games.

A mix of flags from the nations competing in the World Cup hung over the Al Khor fan zone.

Morocco fans celebrated in Doha after their team won a match.

An estimated 1.5 million international visitors were expected to pour into Qatar over the course of the event.

Saudi Arabia and Morocco fans celebrated their national teams in Doha. Saudi Arabia pulled off an upset against Argentina early in the tournament. Days later Morocco had a surprise win over Belgium.

Fans watched a match at Cinema Akil in Doha.

Saudi Arabian fans sang and cheered through the streets in Doha. Saudi Arabia borders Qatar, and fans made the trip, often by air, and often arriving and departing in the same day.

Drones spelled “Welcome to Qatar” above a fireworks display after the first game of the World Cup.

Fans from various countries showed off their soccer tricks in Lusail.

Qatari fans enjoyed the World Cup’s first game, between the host nation and Ecuador, on Nov. 20. Qatar lost, 2-0, then lost to Senegal and the Netherlands.

The Souq Waqif, a traditional market, includes shops selling clothes, spices, household goods and, of course, balloons.

Mexican and Argentine fans in the market. Their teams played in the same group, with Argentina prevailing, 2-0, head to head.

A man showing a young boy how to hold a falcon in the market.

A docked cruise ship is among the accommodations for the tournament.

Tents at the Al Khor fan village were being marketed as “Arabian camping” and advertised for more than $400 a night.

The Katara Towers house two hotels in Lusail. Qatar spent more than $220 billion on preparations for the tournament, including highways, high-rises and an airport.

The Free Zone area is one of three soccer-themed campgrounds around Doha.

Fisherman normally go out for about four days at a time at the marina in Al Khor.

Fisherman unloading fish from their boat in Al Khor.

A man fishing near Al Khor.